Making the Grades Off Campus!

Parents often fear that living off campus means all-night parties and poor grades. Think again. Conventional wisdom has long held that students make better grades while living on campus. But in a recent survey by an independent research group, students living off campus had grade point averages higher than their on campus counterparts, were more studious and were more active in campus activities.

This may surprise a lot of parents, but we at Evergreen Terrace have realized for a long time that our residents are more focused and why they choose to live in our apartments. Our students enjoy living off campus away from the entire busy scene. Being able to relax and enjoy their free time is important to them. Our Property Monitors are available every night to answer and respond to noise issues. A student wrote, "If I want to make plans with those who live on campus, sure I can do that, but I don't have the peer pressure of going out when I should be studying because I'm no longer right there with everything. So living off campus makes making a responsible decision easier."

Many of our residents have reported being more satisfied with living in our apartments than living on campus or in a communal style off campus apartment community. They can maintain more focus on their studies, relax and enjoy their private apartments without being interrupted by activities in the hallways of dorms or the communal living in some styles of off-campus housing.